“We have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.”
Scott C. Upton
Managing Director

Value Proposition

The foundation for each of our client relationships is understanding their specific goals and objectives. We leverage this understanding with our knowledge of the capital markets to achieve superior results and outcomes.

At ICG Capital, we seek to add value to any transaction in which we become involved. We bring value to the transaction in the following ways:

Transaction Knowledge and Experience
  • Provide transaction leadership to enhance efficiency and avoid mistakes that are often made by inexperienced or unknowledgeable sellers and buyers.


  • Maintaining constant and consistent attention to the transaction.
  • Providing transaction specific resources so our clients can concentrate on running their businesses.


Emotional Buffer
  • Practical and thoughtful advice.
  • Reduces emotional aspects of a transaction.
  • Dramatically increase the probability of a successful outcome.


Market Knowledge
  • Current market data.
  • Company valuations.
  • Market trends.
  • Deal structures.
Established Relationships
  • Control and non-control private equity groups and other financing sources including subordinated debt providers, venture and growth capital providers.


Competition and Urgency
  • Expedite process while maximizing valuation.